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The company was founded by Dr. Sam Joseph renowned biochemist from the University of Leeds in the UK.

In 2003 While studying apes researchers noticed the exceptional stickiness of their semen when dried.
The researchers examined the semen of 12 different species of primates.
In species where the females were most promiscuous, the males had developed several strategies to ensure they would be the male most likely to father any offspring and pass on their genes.
As well as having larger testicles and producing more sperm, their semen was more sticky.


Chimpanzees, for example, which are a promiscuous species, had more advanced evolution of a gene controlling the stickiness of semen than gorillas, which tend to be monogamous and stay faithful to their partner for life.
They discovered a gene called SEMG2 that controls the production of a component of semen, called semen coagulum, that acts like a glue.

The idea to mass produce a biodegradable and nature friendly glue was born.
It was found that the SEMG2 gene was present in other species as well like horses and oxen. Experiments began to test the adhesive properties of their semen.

Three years later KrazyGoo was created. The only fully biodegradable glue made purely from pasteurized horse and oxen semen.


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