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Our Environment


Our Commitment

The environment is important to us, so we believe in generating as little waste as possible in all that we do. Our environmental commitment is characterized by a comprehensive outlook and comprises all stages from milking the semen, via manufacture and use, to recycling. In this chain, transport and energy consumption are also taken into account. Recycled animal waste is an important byproduct for our production and we recycle over 60 000 tonnes of manure a year.

For KrazyGoo it is important that:

+ Our products must be assessed from a complete perspective that includes renewable raw materials, environmentally compatible production, resource-effective products and recycling.

+ We weigh up environmental issues in the planning of investments.

+ Methods, processes and products that reduce the load on the environment are given priority.

+ We are working for lasting semen production that protects the biological variety.

Together, these factors permit a closed cycle.


The humane treatment of animals

KrazyGoo believes horses and oxen are meant to eat primarily forages, not grains, such as corn. They eat grasses, chicory, clover, and alfalfa, along with some barley and soybeans for protein. All feeds are organic, which is required for organic certification.

In addition to access to fresh air and sunshine and a nutritious organic diet, the horses and oxen are not given antibiotics or feeds that increase production.


Humane treatment

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